Global Sustainable Tourism Review: coasts & islands
How green, clean and responsible is your holiday destination?
1000 Tourism destinations world wide are reviewed by an international team using the QualityCoast BasiQ criteria. These evaluate visible aspects of sustainability as experienced by visitors (tourists) locally, and from internet sources. Municipalities were invited to check statistical data. 
Overall: % sustainable Progress of the destination towards sustainable tourism (QualityCoast index).
QualityCoast Award QualityCoast gives Awards for tourism sustainability. Gold, Silver, Bronze are for good policies, BasiQ is for a good situation as perceived by visitors.
Marine life Sea birds, snorkeling, whale watching... how well is marine life protected and visible?
Nature How much natural areas, and how well protected?
Landscape How many open and traditional landscapes and scenic beauty?
Coast To what extent is the coast in a natural state, free from dams, dykes, groynes…
Environment Environmental management: waste, sewage, energy, water, …
Clean sea Bathing water quality at the main beaches.
Beach awards Recognition of clean beaches, e.g. Blue Flag award.
Culture Well protected cultural heritage and local character of the destination.
Social How is the situation re: freedom, human rights, discrimination, corruption, and expoitation of children (based upon statistics and visitor reviews**).
Hotels Business sector efforts and transparency in sustainability issues (hotels, camp sites and restaurants)
Scores are higher when the destination has proved that its policy meets the UN standard  for sustainable tourism destinations.
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Coloured cells     Attractive destination. Status / level   High
    Destinations with limited attractiveness.   Medium
    Not recommended for green and culture tourism.   Low
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All tables are compiled by: Albert Salman, Nico den Hollander, Irma Schutten a.o., QualityCoast Team. © Coastal & Marine Union - EUCC, 2013.