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Global Sustainable Tourism Review (GSTR): coast and islands


How green, clean and responsible is your holiday destination?

On the basis of the QualityCoast BasiQ database of 1000 tourism destinations we have made a first presentation of most of these destinations: the results are accessible through the menu under “All destinations”, above, or in the menu at the end of this page. The database presents visible aspects of sustainability as experienced by visitors (tourists) locally, and from internet sources. Municipalities were invited to check statistical data.
Scores are higher when the destination has proved that its policy meets the UN standard  for sustainable tourism destinations.
The assessments are based upon the following data and sources:

  • Data from local, regional and national authorities: ca. 50%.
  • Data collected from Google Earth, Google Maps and Statistical databases: ca. 40%.
  • Visitor reviews and Expert assessments: ca. 10%.

For a detailed overview please check the document Data Composition and Sources

Would you also like to contribute to this assessment? Great!
If you know destinations as a visitor, please give your review in www.qualitycoast.info/?page_id=358.
Local information can considerably increase the score. Local authorities can directly contact: secretariat@qualitycoast.info.
If you are local expert or a resident, please complete the form in www.qualitycoast.info/?page_id=1501.


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