Kosterhavet -Ytre Hvaler National Parks (SE & NO)


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award-goldOur common heritage

Kosterhavet and Ytre Hvaler are two marine national parks in Sweden and Norway. KosterhavetYtreHvaler_sealsThey were both opened in 2009 and they are still the only parks in both countries that protect marine wildlife. In total, 719 km2 are protected area. The national parks include 16 coral reefs and these are the only reefs in Sweden. Within the parks, visitors can do a variety of things such as hiking, biking, bathing, snorkeling, fishing (only in designated zones) and canoying.

As national parks are the highest classification a nature area can receive, it is highly regulated by law especially in regards to planning, building and development. Management plans within the parks are based on sustainability and conservation. Furthermore, tourists are free to observe animals but they are not allowed to touch or approach wildlife. Therefore, they follow the basic principle of do not disturb and do not destroy.

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