Gozo-Comino (MT)

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award-goldBeautiful treasures are waiting to be discovered…

Gozo is one of three inhabited islands that arehome_gozo2 part of the island group Malta. The island has a surface of 67 square kilometers, it is about 15 kilometers long and 7 kilometers wide. Gozo is distinguished from the island Malta by its green nature and rustic setting.  Gozo with its nature, cultural and historical sites, numerous annual festivals is an attractive destination for foreign and local tourists.

With an average mark of 8,1 for the QualityCoast Policy Award 2012 and outstanding points in Identity and Socio-Economics, Gozo is a perfect place to go for visiting a green island with its own local identity. The beautiful bays, the green hills and the impressive rock formations is giving the island an unique beauty. In addition, Gozo has many points of interest, such as the Medieval Citadel or the impressive temples of Ggantija, the world’s oldest temples. These are UNESCO World Heritage and were built 5500 years ago.



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Wied il Mielah: 36.079046, 14.213970
Gozo-Comino and Nature: 36.048440, 14.191289
Gharb Ta’ Dbiegi: 36.052360, 14.212446
Victoria: 36.043638, 14.241819
Ta` Mena Estate: 36.060115, 14.253420
Ggantija Temples: 36.047399, 14.268494
San Blas: 36.056697, 14.301378
Blue Lagoon: 36.016945, 14.328768