Westvoorne (NL)

home_westvoorneaward-goldThe town of Westvoorne is a municipality that economically depends on its tourism sector. In the last decades the municipality has developed into a recreation and nature area. This is also manifested by the number of visitors to the island. In its future vision the municipality has declared to preserve the nature reserves and make these better accessible for nature lovers.

The natural areas are characterized by a great variety of landscapes and species. Here grow more than half of the common species of wild plants and breed two thirds of all common birds in the Netherlands. The area Voornes Duin is one of the most species-rich dunes of Western Europe.

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Oostvoorne: 51.916532, 4.071121
Westvoorne and Identity & Culture: 51.913356, 4.092407
Westvoorne and Nature: 51.885816, 4.042454
Westvoorne and Environment: 51.867164, 4.050694