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With over 4 million visitors a year, Schouwen-Duiveland is a populairhome_schouwenduiveland holiday destination in the Netherlands. From families and sun worshipers enjoying the beautiful beaches to thousands of people enjoying the range of possibilities of hiking and cycling. Bird watchers and nature seekers are in the right place in Schouwen-Duiveland too with its rich nature and animal life.

Schouwen-Duiveland is surrounded by the North Sea and Voordelta and two of the most important water- and nature areas of the West of Europe, the Grevelingen and the national park of De Oosterschelde. There is excellent zoning which conserves nature while visitors are still allowed to enter the nature areas. Visitors are informed about nature, environment and Deltawerken in 4 different visitors centers.

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Schouwen-Duiveland and Socio & Economics: 51.695544, 3.910446
Schouwen-Duiveland and Nature: 51.674258, 3.863754
Zierikzee: 51.655732, 3.923836