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Close to civilization, yet surrounded by beautifulaward-bronze nature.

Swimming in the sea, while strolling on thehome_katwijk beach, cycling through the dunes of Katwijk to Noordwijk, it is all possible in Katwijk. Katwijk is a coastal town and municipality  located in the northwest of the province South-Holland. The area is surrounded by beautiful dunes, therefore it is very suitable for nature lovers and walks. The beach has excellent bathing water quality.

Katwijk aan Zee is located between the Berkheide dunes (to the south) and the Coepelduynen (to the north). Both are protected natural areas with high biodiversity due to traditional low density activities related to fishing net maintenance and agriculture.

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Katwijk and Nature: 52.192877, 4.385777
Katwijk and Identity&Culture: 52.201768, 4.406719
Katwijk and Socio & Economics: 52.208764, 4.399595