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Samothraki offers to the visitors a unique combination of natural beauty, history and culture. The natural landscape of the island includes dense forests, home_samothrakiimposing mountains, impressive waterfalls and running water, and of course the crystal clear sea. The ancient history of the island begins approximately 4000 years ago. The destination can be proud of having in their territory small scale cultural landscape maintained in original state since 19th century and before. Chora, the capital of the island has been recognised as traditional village. Most of the restaurants serve/ use local products as well as local traditional dishes.

The destination has kept a traditional atmosphere and has protected its natural environment, as the island has not been affected by build-up projects and large touristic and entertainment facilities. The percentage of non – build up areas and coastal strip free from building is very high reaching ca. 95% and the municipality has strong policies to protect its natural landscapes. There are different opportunities for hiking and (mountain) biking in nature and for marine wildlife observation.

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Chora: 40.472416, 25.524073
Mount Fengari: 40.454523, 25.582695
Samothraki and Identity & Culture: 40.400948, 25.585098