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It was from Lagos that Gil Eanes set sail, the navigator who proved that the world did not end athome_lagos Cape Bojador after all, and that the sea was not inhabited by monsters. Historically connected to the sea, the town was originally called Lacobriga when settled by the Celts in 2000 BC. Due to its location and economic importance, the city of Lagos has become a focal point for the Portuguese Discoveries from the 15th century and even, in the following century, recognized as capital of the Kingdom of the Algarve

More than sixty percent of nature conservation area makes the landscape of territory particularly attractive. In respect to non-built up areas Lagos has convenient open landscape. The inland is sparsely populated and a considerable part of its population works in agriculture and forestry.

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Barão de São João: 37.134045, -8.761597
Praia da Luz: 37.084694, -8.708725
Dr. José Formosinho Museum: 37.088323, -8.677311
Fortress of Ponta da Bandeira: 37.094416, -8.665895