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Ameland is one of the West-Frisian-Islands in the Dutch  archipelago off the west shore of home_amelandNorth-Friesland. The island has a total land surface of 60 km² and is inhabited by about 3500 people. A great deal of the island consists of sand dunes. It has a total nature area of ca. 75%. Most of it is legally protected, including the 100% marine protected area of the wadden sea. The island consist of an immense variety of landscapes as for example the Oerd, a large complex of dunes, or the Nesser bos, a large forest.

Nowadays, it has 4 villages. In former days, two more villages were located close to the shore which were drowned and now lie in the sea. Ameland was declared as ‘free-lordship’ when first mentioned. Informally, this title is still being maintained today as ‘Vrijheer van Ameland’.

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Het Oerd and de Hon: 53.452216, 5.821552
Strandpaviljoen Buren van Nes: 53.459642, 5.773830
Natuurcentrum: 53.451567, 5.765548
Ameland and Identity & Culture: 53.427537, 5.656242
Mosterdmolen de Verwachting: 53.440321, 5.634055
Paarden Reddingsboot: 53.443388, 5.635772