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Being the only town on the south coast of Crete, Ierapetra is the most populous town in the region of Lasithi. Today the area of Ierapetra is one of the most productive regions of Greece  and one home_ierepetraof Europe’s main sources of early fresh fruits, vegetables, olive oil and flowers. Ierapetra has a lot to offer to its visitors and is a great place to enjoy beautiful nature and traditional Greek atmosphere.

With an average mark of an 8,1 for the QualityCoast Policy Award, Ierapetra was awarded a Gold Award with excellence in Environment, Identity and Socio-Economics. With a number of important cultural features and the traditional way of cultivation in agriculture still being present, local identity is an important issue for Ierapetra. Their highest score goes to socio-economics, with excellent destination management involving different stakeholders through the Municipal Tourist Committee.

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Ierapetra QualitySpots

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Bramiana Lake: 35.037868, 25.697622
Ierapetra and Identity & Culture: 35.010034, 25.752983
Ierapetra and Environment: 35.001035, 25.813065
Sunshine Crete Village: 35.014849, 25.842118
Chrissi Island: 34.871848, 25.693245