As a Business

“For sustainable destinations, business involvement is essential”QualityTourism  logo

QualityCoast destinations – are the greenest, cleanest and most sustainable coastal destinations of Europe. We hope they will remain unique places. But the future of these great places depends on good business initiatives.

We help businesses to improve

-The QualityTourism Programme will involve businesses in the development of new vacation products for tourists interested in heritage and authenticity.

We help businesses to become more sustainable

-QualityCoast investigates the participation of the business sector in aspects of sustainability. Active participation of the business sector will be important for the position of QualityCoast destinations in the Top 100. In view of this businesses are kindly asked to complete the Business Sustainability Checklist. This checklist follows the model of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), of which EUCC/QualityCoast is a member. Business that are positively evaluated can join our international QualityTourism Programme.

Businesses can profit from joint promotion

The QualityCoast Top 100 are widely promoted and recommended by several tour operators, including those connected to TUI (Netherlands).     Tourism related businesses can highly profit from this economically. Businesses can be closely involved in the QualityCoast promotion campaign in various ways. In order to check individual interests, interested businesses are kindly invited to complete a Business Services Checklist.

We are not an eco-label

However, QualityTourism and its Award Programme is a unique amplifier of any green effort or eco-label. Our focus is not the certification itself, but the public promotion of special efforts. We advise our partners to participate in an eco-label programme of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC); we can also help our partners in this.

How to join?

Every business committed to quality and sustainability can join: e.g. hotels, campings, restaurants, travel agencies, food and service providers. etc. We have a 2 step approach: first, you fill in the Business Sustainability Checklist; if you pass, you are invited to join the Club and fill in the Business Services Checklist . You will then immediately enjoy all benefits, including participation in the QualityTourism Award programme.