As a Tourism Destination (Park or Local Authority)

Welcome in the global QualityCoast community,
Join our journey to tourism sustainability!

Dear destination manager, promoter or policymaker,

We invite you to join the global community of tourism destinations embarking on a journey to quality and sustainability. Maybe you have already found yourself in travel booking sites using QualutyCoast data, like BookDifferent (e.g.

Maybe you were disappointed not to see yourself ranked so high… But only you can influence your performance and ranking… We’ll tell you how.

How to start? We suggest any of the four options below. All options make use of the most widely used tools, including the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Destinations (GSTC-D). They help you in making major steps towards improvement, creating awareness about your strong and weak points.

  1. Would you like to make a FREE self-assessment of the destination? More info
  2. Would like to quickly increase your visibility in the tourism market? More info
  3. Do you seek international recognition for your sustainability efforts? More info

1. Free Self Assessment and advice

Ask your registration form and  login to the Green Destinations Assessment & Reporting System ( After receiving the form, you have 3 months to complete a self-assessment. We will then provide you with a preliminary evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses, and suggestions how to proceed. The Assessment will help you in your decisions how to proceed with measuring and monitoring, benchmarking, policy development and implementation.The assessment will  also predict your Green Destinations rating  and the likely result (award level) of a QualityCoast Award application (Option 3 below).

2. Quickly increase your visibility in the tourism market

More than 1000 international destinations have already been included in the Green Destinations Ratings. This information is used by online tourism agencies (OTAs) and their clients. Your information can be added to the ratings, after verification. This is possible at two levels:

  1. Your quality and performance – as far as visible to tourists (nature, environment, culture, tradition, …) – is checked by our experts, leading to “BasiQ Verified” status, instantly raising your international visibility, with a GSTR score of up to 60% (max). BasiQ fee: €250-400, including annual subscription to the BasiQ membership services.
  2. Your quality and your policies are checked by our experts, leading to “Green Destinations Verified” status, raising your GSTR score of up to 80% (max). Fee: €960, including subscription to the QualityCoast membership services.

3. Apply for a QualityCoast Award

Global tourism platforms (DestiNet, Totem) have listed QualityCoast has as one of the world’s best and most transparent tourism destination certifications. Island and coastal destinations who are looking for the highest international recognition of their sustainable tourism efforts will find all necessary information in the QualityCoast manual.

Fill out the Registration Form (free). After registration, you will receive login to the online Assessment & Reporting Platform. The assessment and Jury evaluation fee depends on the size of your destination (see Participation Manual).

We wish you all success!

In case of any questions, please contact us at:



The benefits of QualityCoast participation to European tourism destinations has recently been analysed by David Möllers (The Hague University of Applied Sciences). His research report identifies the benefits from eco-labels, certifications and award in general and from the QualityCoast Award in particular, with a central focus on three case studies: QualityCoast, Torres Vedras and Noordwijk. More information can be found in, and the report can be downloaded from there.
Another analysis of benefits can be found in the following page:

Promotion campaign

The Coastal & Marine Union – EUCC has launched a marketing campaign together with the QualityCoast Destinations to promote them as the most attractive destinations for visitors interested in nature and landscape, environment, cultural identity and local identity.

Gain official world wide recognition

QualityCoast is strongly committed to functionality, transparency, and added value. In contrast to the jungle of accommodation eco-labels, the number of destination labels and award is still very small, and most other programmes are national or have only certified few destinations. Therefore, QualityCoast is talking with other certification organisations to join forces and to avoid a jungle in destination labels. We have joined the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) as well as the European NECSTour network, and we were among the first destination labels to be recognised by the GSTC.