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Las mejores playas del Atlántico”  award-gold

Fuerteventura is an island of the Canary archipelago home_fuerteventuraand one of the most southern parts of Europe right in front of the African mainland. With about 86% of non-built up areas it compromises 13 Natural Protected Areas, important geological features, untouched flora and fauna as well as many protected species.

Fuerteventura has rich cultural heritage with more than 60 important cultural sites located in different municipalities. Several annual events that have the roots in the 19th century or before are Romería de la Virgen de la Peña in Betancuria from 15th century. The island proudly calls their coast ”The best beaches in the Atlantic”. Fuerteventura has 8 beaches certified by the Blue Flag criteria and most bathing water points within the destination have an “Excellent” status according to the EEA/ EU Bathing Water Directive.

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Isla de Lobos: 28.750955, -13.823547
Fuerteventura and Nature: 28.637568, -13.955383
Fuerteventura and Identity & Culture: 28.459033, -13.985596
La Senda de los Cetaceos-Las Salinas del Carmen: 28.378526, -13.873458
Istmo de La Pared: 28.212631, -14.219592
Guarderia de Tortugas-Puerto de Morro Jable: 28.110900, -14.389687
Campamento Tortuga-Playa de Cofete: 28.105298, -14.403419
La Senda de los Cetaceos-Faro de Jand: 28.071980, -14.500580
Saladar de Jandia: 28.049940, -14.323940
La Senda de los Cetaceos-Saladar de Jandia: 28.047667, -14.329948