Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park (ES)

QC Score Sheet Atlantic Islands of Galicia NP

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The ‘Atlantic Islands of Galicia’ in the North-Western corner of Spain, are of outstanding natural beauty and include two Blue Flag Beaches. The islands have a characteristic relief, distinguished by the western slope, and the eastern one. The first is steep, and forms many cliffs, creating a wild landscape. The eastern slope is oriented to the mainland and has a softer relief, creating and forming beaches and sand dunes. These unique landscapes preserve different kind of ecosystems that are admired for everyone who visits the destination.

This is the only maritime-terrestrial Spanish National Park in the Atlantic Ocean, and even more impressive, it is home to one of the main marine-bird colonies in Europe. Because of its environmental uniqueness, its commitment with the sustainable management of the destination, and the effort to preserve the ancient local culture and tradition, Atlantic Islands merit the QualityCoast Gold Award.

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