Alonissos (GR)


Less thoughts, more memories

With a total area of only 64.5km² and a population of under 3000 people, Alonissos is a Alonissossmall and picturesque island that is part of the Northern Sporades located in the Aegean sea, Greece. Its rich nature, true cultural identity and great offer of local food make Alonissos  a unique holiday destination.

Marine conservation is an important issue for Alonissos. The waters surrounding Alonissos are 100% protected marine area which offers the endangered monk seal a safe habitat to live in. It is the only marine national park in Greece and the largest in Europe. Alonissos is also a place where people can still find a traditional Greek experience; not only the architecture in old town Chora proves that, but also the true Greek food is a good example of this.

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Alonissos and Environment: 39.243421, 23.966675
Chora: 39.148434, 23.850632
Alonissos and Identity & Culture: 39.147768, 23.871231
National Marine Park: 39.148900, 23.946762