Bonaire (Dutch Caribbean)

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Divers’ paradise..


The island of Bonaire is one of the Dutch special municipalities in the Caribbean and draws on a long history of nature protection. Established in 1979, its National Marine Park protects 2,700 hectares of reefs, seagrasses and mangroves and was one of the first dive destinations to introduce admission fees for scuba divers in 1992. These conservation efforts have resulted that Bonaire has been selected for 21 consecutive years in Scuba Diving magazine as the number one Shore Diving destination in the Caribbean/Atlantic.

Bonaire’s fringing coral reefs are home to virtually every species of hard and soft coral found in the Caribbean.


More than 340 fish species live here, making it one of the healthiest and most bio-diverse reefs in the region.

Lac, the largest semi-enclosed bay in the Dutch Caribbean, is sheltered from pounding seas by a fringing barrier reef. Its seagrass beds are a vital nursery for reef fish and a foraging ground for endangered queen conch and green turtles.

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