St Eustatius (Dutch Caribbean)

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The Historic Gem of the Dutch Caribbean…


The island of St Eustatius, also known affectionately as ‘Statia’, is one of the special municipalities of The Netherlands in the Caribbean. Once a major trading center with some 20,000 inhabitants, large plantations and thousands of ships calling at her shores, Statia these days is unhurried and unspoiled with reefs teeming with fish. Located between Saba and St. Kitts, the island is characterised by the (dormant) volcano ‘The Quill’ and the Northern Hills. Both areas have very distinct ecosystems which can be discovered by guided trails with interpretation about the local flora and fauna.DSC03450

Unaffected by regional tourism trends and fads, Statia provides excellent diving opportunities (particularly ancient ship wrecks, big fish and sea turtles). Diving is only permitted if done with one of the islands dive schools, who ensure the diving is not affecting the marine biodiversity and archaeology.  Above the water line, hiking the dormant volcano’s crater ‘The Quill’ is like stepping in a different world with elfin forests lining the crater rim and giant tropical trees covering the crater floor. Once known as ‘The Golden Rock”, the island’s capital Oranjestad is an open air museum with countles well-preserved monuments such as churches, streets, houses, batteries and fortresses.

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