As a QualityCoast Representative

Would you like to be a QualityCoast Representative?


Why are QualityCoast Representatives needed?

Many local authorities prefer to communicate in their own language, and with people who are aware of their situation. The availability of QualityCoast representatives in each country should facilitate this communication and should enhance participation of destinations in the programme.

Three types of QualityCoast Representative exist:

  1. QualityCoast Ambassadors;
  2. QualityCoast Coordinators;
  3. QualityCoast Representatives.

A QualityCoast Ambassador is usually a well-known personality, an official, or a personality with marketing skills and capacities. An ambassador helps in raising awareness or generating publicity for our programs, in whatever way, as agreed with the international QualityCoast director. Sometimes there is a possibility to financially support travel.

A QualityCoast Coordinator is usually an expert assuming responsibility to directly contact tourism destinations (usually local authorities or tourism boards) in order to tell them about our programme, and to encourage them to participate in it. A coordinator usually has sufficient expertise to play a role in the assessment or evaluation of technical information provided by tourism destinations. Coordinators can generate income to compensate for his or her time commitment, as described in the memo, and make it a (part-time) job. The responsibility of a coordinator is geographically limited to one or more countries, regions or provinces.

QualityCoast Representatives. As long as it has not been decided whether you will be Coordinator or Ambassador, we use the word Representative. Representatives can have a wider remit, in agreement with the QualityCoast Director. From each person interested to represent the programme we would like to hear what kind of role they see for themselves.


Global Sustainable Tourism Review (GSTR)

In September 2013 the first edition of the Global Sustainable Tourism Review (GSTR) has been published. The GSTR has been created by Albert Salman, but its maintenance and expansion is only possible with the help of tourism experts from all over the world; this group will be the Global Sustainable Tourism Network (GSTN). The data of the Review will be hosted by various websites.

Experts who are actively involved in further building the Review (GSTR) will be invited to join the Network (GSTN). The GSTN will develop into a network of professionals aiming to assist tourism destinations throughout the world, by information dissemination, training, capacity building, through project development, service contracts and tenders.


Memo for those interested to serve as a QualityCoast – Green Destinations Representative, Coordinator, Auditor, or Consultant.
Are you interested to help making coastal towns and islands more sustainable? Please contact and send us your motivation and cv.

Existing QualityCoast representatives

A special news item about the QualityCoast Ambassadors is available in


Leiden, the Netherlands

Albert Salman,
Director QualityCoast (EUCC)
Director Global Sustainable Tourism Review (GSTR) and Network (GSTN)