Policy Award

How is the QualityCoast Award attributed?
  1. The QualityCoast Award is attributed on the basis of information to be provided by the applicant(s) through an Application Form.
  2. For many of the policy related indicators (especially the GSTC indicators) the applicant is invited to make a self-assessment by giving destination a rate from 1 to 5 (“1” meaning absence of any relevant policy for the indicator, and “5” meaning full availability of policy concerned);
  3. The Application Form is evaluated and assessed by the QualityCoast Secretariat. The Secretariat may ask or hire the services of local experts.
  4.  A draft assessment is then reviewed by a number of members of the international QualityCoast Jury.
  5.  The Secretariat and the Jury assign scores to all indicators, ranging from 1 to 5; “1” meaning absence of any quality (or no information provided for an indicator); and “5” indicating excellence for an indicator. The self assessment rates will also be reviewed and considered by the Secretariat and the Jury.
  6.  The score per criterium is based on the scores and weight factors of its indicators.
  7. The average scores of all 20 criteria will then be calculated. This will be the final score.
  8. The Jury will issue a report with a complete list of criteria scores and with suggestions for further improvement.