Promotion tools for QualityCoast destinations
The Coastal & Marine Union provides a number of communication and marketing tools to QualityCoast destinations: the international QualityCoast brochure, a public website, flags, banners and permission to use the QualityCoast logo. In the communication towards tourists, awarded destinations are encouraged to use their QualityCoast status to underline their unique character and to strengthen the “feel good” among visitors of the destination. Therefore, it is in the interest of all QualityCoast Destinations to help promote “QualityCoast” as a brand of a select group of destinations.
Show the QualityCoast Flags

Winners of the QualityCoast Policy awards are offered 1 QualityCoast flag and 1 QualityCoast banner, but they can also order extra flags and banners (at a cost basis), which can be displayed throughout the community territory during 24 months. QualityCoast BasiQ awarded destinations are allowed to display the special QualityCoast BasiQ flag during 12 months, but they can also order normal QualityCoast flags and banners. QualityCoast Policy awards and QualityCoast BasiQ winners are encouraged to order extra flags and display these, throughout the municipality or island, not only at the beach but also at the entrance roads to the towns.Display the QualityCoast Banners
All QualityCoast destinations can order normal QualityCoast Award Banners. Gold Award winners can order banners indicating “Gold Award”. These can be used during the 24 months after the Award ceremony. All destinations are encouraged to order extra Banners and display these throughout the municipality or island, not only at the beach but also at the entrance roads to the towns.
Disseminate the QualityCoast Brochures
The QualityCoast Brochure 2012 (10,000 copies in English) is available for distribution by all QualityCoast destinations (Top 100). Destinations are encouraged to order as many brochures as they can effectively disseminate in their tourist office or at tourism fairs. Municipalities and Business Partners can order brochures for free at Other businesses can order brochures but we will charge production and shipping cost.

Show the QualityCoast logo in another way
All QualityCoast Policy Award winners (Top 21) are encouraged to include the QualityCoast logo in websites, publications, notice-boards or signs, according to the text mentioned in the QualityCoast Certificate. QualityCoast BasiQ award winners are encouraged to use the QualityCoast BasiQ logo.

Send your videos to QualityCoast
QualityCoast Award winners are encouraged to send videos promoting their destination and especially sustainable development efforts to We are planning to create a QualityCoast video highlighting various QualityCoast Destinations. Short videos promoting their sustainable development efforts may be displayed in the destination’s own webpage in

How to order extra flags and banners
Extra QualityCoast flags and QualityCoast BasiQ flags (1,5 m x 2,25 m; heavy duty quality) can be ordered at, at €25 per flag.

QualityCoast banners (1 m x 4 m; heavy duty quality) can be ordered at, at €44 per banner.