BERLIN – The 2016 Sustainable Destinations Top 100 was launched at ITB Berlin, the world’s largest tourism trade market. The competition is a unique opportunity for ambitious destinations to strengthen their profile in the field of responsible and green tourism. It is the follow-up to National Geographic Traveler’s Destination Stewardship surveys (2004-2010) and the 2014 Sustainable Destinations Global Top 100. The overall theme of the Top 100 is “Destinations of Future Generations”.

The results of the competition will be announced during Global Green Destinations Day, 27-28 September 2016 in Ljubljana (Slovenia), a city that kept its historic core attractive and well preserved, and was elected by the European Union as European Green Capital 2016.

One of the aims of the Top 100 is to bring destinations together in a Destinations Community. In this way, destinations can inspire and help each other by exchanging ideas and good practices. During the public launch at ITB, representatives of previous Top 100 destinations presented a range of good practices: Ameland (the Netherlands), Baiona (Spain), Alonnisos (Greece), Noordwijk (the Netherlands) and Bliesgau (Saarland, Germany).

All destinations with a clear focus on sustainable tourism can apply. Nominated destinations will be selected in a formal procedure by international experts in tourism sustainability and a Selection Panel. Experts will evaluate nominated destinations on 15 criteria. These are the core criteria of the GSTC-Recognises Green Destinations Standard.

Table: a brief overview of the selection criteria (summary titles).

A sustainability coordinator is in place
A sustainable tourism strategy is in place
Nature is adequately protected
The use of animals in tourism is controlled
Landscape and scenery is protected
Waste water treatment is organised
Solid waste is monitored, aimed at reduction
Dependency on fossil fuels is reduced
Cultural sites and built heritage are protected
Intangible heritage is protected and respected
People are protected against exploitation
The local community is involved in tourism
Local and sustainable products are promoted
Health and safety are adequately addressed
Attention for accessibility of tourism sites

For more information on the Top 100: www.greendestinations.info.
The nomination platform is available in: www.greendestinations.eu.
Global Green Destinations Day: http://greendestinationsday.com. 

Editor Notes

The 2016 Sustainable Destinations Top 100 is an initiative of Green Destinations, TravelMole.com, Vision on Sustainable Tourism, and the Destination Stewardship Center. They are global players in the promotion of tourism sustainability.

More info: www.greendestinations.info/2016-top100 | www.travelmole.com | www.destinationcenter.org

For further questions, contact the Top 100 project coordinator Zainab Turay: top100@greendestinations.info, or call Esmee Slabbers at the Green Destinations secretariat: +3171 5122900.


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