Two researches conducted by the Universities of Extremadura and Jaén in Spain have found that awareness of visitors on sustainable tourism has significantly raised. Therefore, when choosing destinations tourists are opting sustainable managed destinations, part of a scheme of policies environmental or heritage sustainability, that are able to provide “authentic experience”.

According to the study insight of visitors into sustainable tourism has been changing. Nowadays tourists differentiate sustainable destinations, which was not the case a few years ago. Tourists are looking for unique experience in destinations that preserve cultural heritage and identity rather than overcrowded and over – exploited destinations. Rating of the most popular destinations is getting lower compared to other less popular ones. The main reason of decreased image of these destinations is because they are overcrowded. In this sense, if measures are not put in place to preserve resources from the impact of tourists, image of these destinations will be left out of the market.

Read here more about socio-economic benefits of sustainable tourism as well as how Lidia Andrades, a professor in the Department of Business Management and Sociology at UEx and co-author of this work, “demystifies” the myths that investment in sustainability is less profitable in the short-term.